SURPRISE ! AT THE MUSEUMS OF CAGLIARI Reviewed by admin on . Open to the contemporary public art space, compared with the landscape and cultural diversification. The City Museum of Cagliari amaze with the art. Municipal A Open to the contemporary public art space, compared with the landscape and cultural diversification. The City Museum of Cagliari amaze with the art. Municipal A Rating:


Open to the contemporary public art space, compared with the landscape and cultural diversification. The City Museum of Cagliari amaze with the art. Municipal Art Gallery, Old Town Hall and Museum of Art Siamese will be the center of a rich and important program that will liven up the community centers autumn winter 2012 to spring 2013 with exhibitions, public art, conferences and the inevitable “Breakfast at art”, a calendar of events that can boast of working with important museums in Italy.

A season that opens in the sign of the Sleepers by Mimmo Paladino. But not only. The City Museum come from the exhibition halls and the walls of the old town and moved into the urban fabric and affect the city expanded giving rise to the macro project “Possible Worlds – re-inventing the city” which in November will involve the local community of Sant ‘ Elijah in a public art project that aims to enhance the neighborhood and its surroundings inaugurating a program of artistic residencies sponsored by the Administration.

All’Antico Town Hall presents the second group of works acquired in the 90s by the Municipal Art Gallery and Thursday, Dec. 13 opening of the exhibition of contemporary art “Piranesi found. Signs of the urban landscape. ” The exhibition is embedded within the larger project of Piranesi involving the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Cagliari, the Cultural Center The Ghetto, the Foundation House Falconieri and the Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao, in the direction of a Municipal Gallery you put in a network with other institutions and organizations of the territory in a system integrated museum.

And yet the Municipal Gallery Thursday, December 20 arrives at the exhibition “The Great Absent. Search paths in comparison “with the works, among others, by Alberto Burri, Lucio Fontana, Guttuso, Emilio Vedova.

Thursday, January 31 opens the exhibition “Objects for passion. Japanese art in the collections of Ragusa Vincenzo and Stefano Cardu “, a selection of precious and unique objects from the collection Ragusa illustrating the daily life of women in Japan in the nineteenth century, for the first time exposed to the public, organized in collaboration with the Museum Luigi Pigorini National Prehistory and Ethnography in Rome.

The artistic research in the late sixties and mid-seventies, both nationally and internationally, will be the centerpiece of the exhibition “Art Spaces. From Minimal to Optical Art “scene from Thursday, March 21 Old Town Hall.

Sunday, November 11 morning sharing cultural links with “zero km Breakfast” to be held at the Municipal Art Gallery, the Old Town Hall and the Museum of Art Siamese until Sunday, April 14. The event takes place on Sunday from 10.30 am, when the large and small guests are greeted with a complimentary made exclusively with local products. Followed by guided visits to the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, interspersed with performances of music, poetry, literature and workshops for children. An artistic and fun designed for all ages and especially the family, which offers an alternative to time sharing, gaming, intimacy for children, parents and grandparents. An itinerary to discover the most important museums in the world, a virtual journey through the great masterpieces in them and kept on display: the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the National Gallery of Capodimonte in Naples, Museo del Novecento in Milan, the Museo Morandi Bologna, the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Mus√©e du Louvre in Paris, the Mus√©e d’Orsay in Paris.

Thursday, January 24 Apart from the new edition of the Alphabet of Art, the series of conferences organized every year to bring the general public to art. The eight meetings take place between the Municipal Art Gallery and the Old Town Hall.

Within the project “Possible Worlds – re-inventing the city”, the Municipal Gallery will see urban space as an ideal extension of the Museum and its collections. The Public Gardens, part of the museum complex, regain their natural role as a link between the collections on display in the building of the Gallery, the Contemporary Collection and the public. “The Sleepers”, the five sculptures in terracotta, placed inside the tanks in front of the fa√ßade of the gallery, buy it, according to the artist’s poetry, a new character in constant dialogue with the landscape, the museum and the works’ art preserved and displayed here. This is an acquisition that will enrich the permanent collection of contemporary art gallery with a master of the Italian Trans. The recent acquisition crown the project to transform the Public Gardens in a collective and social meeting place, a place of energy, direct dialogue between past, present and future, and becomes the important link between the memory of places and new perspectives offered by Art Contemporary.

Offer extensive and detailed, that of Museums, which embraces a variety of audiences. Not only cultural and artistic reference center for science in the city, with collections and exhibitions that mark an openness to contemporary art, but educational services aimed at the local community and a focus towards tourists and families.

Info and contacts
Municipal Art Gallery
Public Gardens
Largo Giuseppe Dessi
Tel: 0706777598

Old Town Hall
Palace Square 6
Tel: 0706776482

Art Museum Siamese
Citadel of Museums
Piazza Arsenale
Tel: 070651888

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