Via Gioacchino Rossini is not Lawrence Road, not like not even a little. The bright colors, almost ostentatious, signs of the old walls between the windows in wood, among the clothes hanging … Motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, rickshaws and many people walk … outdoor cookers, kettles, steaming and the smell of spices. Amritsar is Cagliari, not like not even a little. There is no architecture to rival Harmandir Sahib, the Golden Temple. You can not tell the Punjab who has not seen him, has not walked the dusty roads. But you can try … in an environment that evokes the magical atmosphere of the Sikhs, with attention to detail, full of aromas that accompany the customer on a journey of almost dreamlike, linked to the exotic taste of ginger and cumin …

Via G. Rossini 65 РCagliari closed on Monday welcomed Booking 070 3110887 www.punjabi.it

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