Open for almost 7 years, shows a minimalist décor, a quiet environment and the possibility to eat outside when the weather permits.

At the entrance to the bar of dark susci and oyster bar with a chef who prepares to view the fish dishes that change according to what’s on offer along with a wide selection of French oysters. Sought by Pied de Cheval, the flat Belon, the disciplines of oysters concave

At the counter you can sit and eat like a classic sushi bar. Later tables and chairs chocolate brown, red tablecloths, walls gray.

The service is masterfully led by a young and motivated team of guys.

The kitchen directed by Chef Luigi Pomata revisits the traditional dishes depending on what the market offers.

The menu changes every two months.

The wine list offers a wide selection of bubbles national and foreign, white and red wines and local, national and foreign, and an interesting selection of craft beers.

Water, cover and service you do not pay!

A lunch from Monday to Friday, you offered a menu business to ‚ā¨ 15.00

“” I love the local traditional cuisine and “taken” with a pinch of madness, but, I hope, never exaggerate.
They are constantly busy, flying like the wind from one room to another, from one city to another: and ‘hard, but I do it with pleasure that only passion can give us.
They are demanding with myself and then with others.

The same passion has led me to participate in important international events such as:

the Gualtiero Marchesi Award where I placed first in the premium Art Of Menu and second in the overall standings.
San Vito Cous Cous Fest, an international festival of Cous Cous where, with the Italian delegation also composed by my father Nicolo we ranked 2nd place. Even this year ‘I was invited to join the delegation and that makes me happy because I know I can meet friends in Sicily, working with them, spend some time in their beautiful land.

They are also a lecturer at the ‘Institute of Underwater ETOILE (VE), the first cooking school for professionals, currently the most important in Italy’ which is publishing a very interesting book on tuna and fish in the Mediterranean.

But, one of the greatest satisfactions I’ve had in recent years with TV appearances on RAI UNO, to “try the chef” “”

Luigi Pomata



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Times and periods of aperturaIl restaurant is open all year except three days at the turn of every party and Sunday.

Open from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 20.00 to 23.00.
During the summer the kitchen closes even later.

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Ristorante Luigi Pomata
Viale Regina Margherita 14
09124 Cagliari CA

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