In the heart of Cagliari, in the Marina district, and wander with the nose, and Spanish style sheets hung from wrought iron balconies, you may hear the smell of grilled fish on the grill … Just as the early twentieth century, when Mr. Raffaele (Lillicu in Cagliari is the diminutive) was feeding the sailors, travelers, locals, still in the inn “Lillicu” you can taste the dishes of the purest tradition of Cagliari, the typical marble tables, in an informal and jovial.¬† The burrida, beans, lobster to Cagliari, the giancheddus, the soup, mixed fry, spaghetti with clams, with a good sprinkling of bottarga … impossible not to taste everything from Lillicu … A suggestion? Be guided by the waiters, sample appetizers “around the sea” or “round earth” (and if you are lucky you will taste delicious … cordula with peas) and vegetables, choose fish that is more sympathetic in the display case at the entrance, Delight yourself with the freshest local sweets. All washed down by the best wines of the island. The theater animations and reconstructions of the historical center only take place with groups of at least 30 people by reservation. Guided tours (in English, French, Spanish), with groups of at least three people. The ticket includes the guide, theater, wine tasting, entrance fees, a typical dinner from Lillicu. For reservations and information please contact the agency Mariposas. unusual itineraries in a vintage Cagliari:¬† 393335909024 Trattoria Lillicu Via Sardegna 78 09124 Cagliari Tel 39070652970 Fax 070652400 Restaurant Lillicu Of the 14 street Carroz Tel 39070502959 mail to: info@lillicu.

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