Soft lights, exposed brick, turquoise chairs: this is the Cat Pizzeria Restaurant. A cozy place in which to feel at home right in the center of Cagliari, in the living heart of the city. The management has a special care of the customer, the friendly atmosphere combined with the traditional cuisine of the rest. From a romantic dinner, business lunch, by the occasion to celebrate with family or with a jolly company.

The Cat with its local equipped with air conditioning system, furniture, and a unique stage design can satisfy all the needs of hospitality. The proposed dishes are meat and fish: those wanting to choose the best fresh pasta specialties such as black noodles with shrimp and clams and pasta with eggplant, tomatoes and mussels. There are also recommended as specialty dishes unique to the abundance of portions: the fisherman’s platter with shrimp, crabs, sea or even the mixed grill of beef with grilled vegetables. The strength of the local wine list that has more than 250 Italian labels and sardines served on the table at a price of wine. And then the classic pizzas and original. We accept major credit cards.
Restaurant IL GATTO, Viale Trieste, 15-15 / A 09123 Cagliari – Tel 070-663596

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