The restaurant Arke, in Quartu S.Elena, Cagliari, was created in 2000, with materials and decorative solutions of effect: dark oak wood worked hand plane, inserts Palladian travertine, stucco oxide, stencil and wrought iron .

Original solutions for the ceiling that has Baseboards and vaulted ceilings.

Tents and textile furnishings purple for ethno-chic atmosphere that accompanies and framing with great style and sophisticated fusion cuisine. The environment especially in the evening, thanks to the play of lights, is’ very romantic and sophisticated. You can enjoy dishes based on fish and meat. At lunch you can also choose quick meals.

Arke is also a wine bar, and cocktail lounge.

The two dining rooms can accommodate sixty guests, offering an original, warm and elegant.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10.30 to 24.00.

The restaurant Arke was reported by the prestigious guide “Gambero Rosso” and “Academy of Italian Cuisine.”

the kitchen

tasting Menu


Octopus with radicchio and balsamic vinegar

Soup of mussels and clams

Ham rolls with nuts and pecorino

Meatballs with squid, cuttlefish and peas


Trofie with asparagus, bacon and cheese

Spaghetti with lobster and cherry tomatoes


Fillet of fish (sea bream or sea bass) with seafood

Fried calamari, shrimp, and vegetables

Sliced beef with rocket, parmesan and balsamic reduction


Iced Praline crocccante with hazelnuts and whipped cream

Ricotta flan with orange cream

The tasting menu will cost ‚ā¨ 30.00.

Includes wine and water.

vegetarian menu

Octopus with radicchio and vinegar and vinegar balsamicoPolpo balsamicoPolpo with radicchio with chicory and radicchio with balsamicoPolpo vinegar and vinegar balsamicoZuppa mussels and arselleInvoltini ham with nuts and pecorinoPolpettine with squid, cuttlefish and peas

The Vegetarian Menu will the cost of Euro 25,00.

Includes wine and water.

Cafe Wine Bar Cocktails

Viale Colombo, 3-09045 – Quartu S. Elena, Cagliari, Sardinia

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