CUCINA.EAT is the gastronomic project that is born in the heart of Cagliari, based on the promotion, sale, disclosure of everything that revolves around gastronomy excellence.

A project that does not like the definition of a restaurant , but not that of wine shop, wine bar or deli .


Why want to be a bit ‘ the home of passionate food & wine , where there is’ a library , a wine cellar , a pantry of refined foods , an average of the critical tool for the kitchen, perfect to use in the central island , right in the middle of the room.

A kitchen of warm and convivial meetings where you can share everything that revolves around food. Meet a craftsman then, but also a winemaker , a writer or a cook. born from the passion of Alessandra Meddi , Roman, moved to the island a few years ago . Alessandra , with an experience of several years in the Gambero Rosso Publisher , decided to build a large project and from Cagliari , the city ‡ he loved from the beginning and that feels perfect for such an initiative .

The idea is implemented through a show room with 5 large windows and the goal is to promote and raise awareness of niche products , linked to particular areas of production and united by quality, but also to eco-sustainability and respect for tradition .


The place is bright and welcoming , and the offer comes to us at different times of the day : I can come mid-morning to buy a tool that I want , take the opportunity to drink a good coffee , read a book or newspaper and find a recipe to propose the evening for friends : from the pantry I find everything he does for me.

If you are in the company I can enjoy a good glass of wine or a glass of beer and comment with the winemaker or brewer , try the finger food freshly prepared by the chef who came to visit and subscribe to the lesson that will be held the next day.


There is also an area dedicated to hosting a long counter that , along with the social table , is dedicated to tasting and moments of knowledge and information sharing among the guests. The kitchen is the heart and engine of the center, as due to what is considered the centerpiece of a local catering . The objective is to acquaint the public Cagliari to excellent products , although not belonging to the culinary traditions of Sardinia.


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BOOKING: CALL (or Whatsapp) + 39 393 3393390 OR + 39 392/ 3870770

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