CASTEDDU MON AMOUR РCAGLIARI РDECEMBER 13 TO 16 Reviewed by admin on . A provocation? Also. A questionable choice? Maybe. One option considered and a real need? Definitely. The tenth Marina Café Noir is also this, a thought-provoki A provocation? Also. A questionable choice? Maybe. One option considered and a real need? Definitely. The tenth Marina Café Noir is also this, a thought-provoki Rating:


A provocation? Also. A questionable choice? Maybe. One option considered and a real need? Definitely. The tenth Marina Café Noir is also this, a thought-provoking, necessary and, we hope, courage, and in a moment of crisis and economic uncertainty.

A choice that has brought us, after years of dating, and inventions based products by Serge Latouche, Roberto Saviano, Erri de Luca, Marc Augé, Paco Ignacio Taibo II (and many others) to suspend the September edition, a painful but necessary decision, and look inside and around. To re-discover the city, and re-discover that we still love. Even in December.

Casteddu Mon Amour is then the consequence, the resulting daughter and ten years of experience, and at the same time initiating a reflection on the meaning of our work, it is, above all, our declaration of love to the city and the island of Sardinia. Statement that it is also (and how can it not be?) Reaction to the crisis with the weapons of culture, celebration of ten years of books, meetings, utopias association Chourmo / MCN and, again, the beginning of a new adventure.

Where will it lead? We’ll see, the future is not written, as we said a few years ago citing the Clash. As well, we are sure of what we want today to contribute to the cultural renaissance of the city of Cagliari and its role in motor-Sardinia, continue to support the promotion of reading and cultural projects and citizens who appreciate that we feel like, share as much as possible in site resources (not many, but so) that we have the honor and the burden of managing.

Today more than ever we feel the need to do exactly what we did ten years ago, when it began the history of the Marina Café Noir Рtotally self-financed and independently Рbut it can and have to do it today with some euro and more responsibility, in dialogue with the share culturally most active of our territories and also a comparison with strong institutions, but always in a clear and constructive.

Make a four-day (plus a long tail of events in local schools) made of meetings, debates, readings, concerts, soundtracks, exhibitions and sharing of knowledge in the neighborhood that hosted us for ten years and we have helped to animate and transform: this is our goal this year, with the opening to the other historic district of Villanova, where we will symbolically close this issue.

Above all, just as ten years ago, we will do with those writers, scholars, artists, actors, musicians, artists Sardinian (plus a few friends “sardizzato”, the likes of Gianmaria Testa, Wu Ming II, Marco Baliani) we hear similar and we recognize that vocation “internationalist” who always try to make our own, and we believe Cagliari and Sardinia have and should continue to have. MCN good at all.


Thursday, December 13 (Marina)
preview festival

h. 20 Small Auditorium
Movies: Tajabone by Salvatore Mereu
Median axis of Michele Mossa. Presents Antiochus Floris

h. 23 Ampurias, via Savoia
MCN Party
J.d.Tiki, Foxy and Herny, Relocation, Pille

Friday, December 14 (Marina)
opening festival, opening exhibitions

h. 18 S. Tomb (or P. Auditorium in case of rain) and neighborhood streets
SuguBambu Marchin ‘band, Prospetika and street performers

h. 18:30 Small Auditorium
The city and the island
Michela Murgia and Giulio Angioni. Celestino has Tabasso

h. 20 Holy Sepulchre or P. Auditorium
MCN – Ten years of stories
With Diablo, Giancarlo Biffi, Pierpaolo Piludu Giulio Landis, Paul Maccioni, Giovanni Carroni, Fabio Marceddu, Matthew Sau, Gianluca Floris, Dj set Francesco Abate

h. 22 S. Tomb or P. Auditorium
Blues for Books
With Marco Baliani and BlueSession

h. 23 Small Auditorium
Yet we knew we
By and with Gianmaria Testa. In collaboration with Fuorivia Productions

Saturday, December 15 (Marina)

h. 11 Café Savoy, via Savoia
The best job in the world – The booksellers are told
With Aldo Addis, Paola Atzeni, Luciana Uda, Patrick Zurru, Michela Murgia. In collaboration with Liberos

h. 17 Mana Mana, via Savoia
Telling the work
With Uliano Lucas and Elvira Corona. Walter has Porcedda

h. 19 Café Savoy, via Savoia
Palabanda 1812-2012 shadows out of the shadows
By and with Dario Cosseddu, Michele Bertoni, Adam Francis, Charles Birocchi

h. 20 S. Ex tomb or Art School
Hola Alex – A glass for Zarmu
Music ex Machina and friends Zarmu

h. 21:30 S. Ex tomb or Art School
Hold onto your time
Reading / Concert with Lia Careddu, Joseph Boy and Nick Rivera. From “Time” by Seneca. In collaboration with Teatro di Sardegna

h. 23 S. Ex tomb or Art School
Kiss of widow-Tribute to A. Helena
With Maximum Cau, Cristina Racca, James Salis, Marco Garau, Andrea Schirru. From a story by Luke Sulis, in collaboration with Aìsara.

Sunday, December 16 (Villanova)

h. 10:30 Embankment
The square of Solidarity
In collaboration with the voluntary associations towns

h. 12 Embankment
Time and its delays
By and with Marco Baliani

h. 17 Vicoletto, via San Giacomo 80
The books, the movies, the city
Gianfranco Cabiddu, Enrico Pau, John Columbu, Marco Antonio Pani. Presents Simon Contu

h. 18:30 Office Ass Don Quixote, via San Giacomo 117
Shaping the future
Otto Gabos, Bepi Vigna, Checco Frongia, Daniele Serra. In collaboration with Nues

h. 20 Embankment
When you got no soul
Reading / Concert
With Julia Clarkson, Francesca Corrias and Elia Casu. From a story by Julia Clarkson

h. 21 Embankment
Stories partisan
Reading / Concert
With Ratapignata, Arrogalla, Wu Ming II, James Casti. In collaboration with A.N.P.I.

h. 22 Embankment
De knows what ‘and pappai – Cooking stories in Villanova
With Our Lady de Sa What ‘and Pappai, Rossella Faa and Kenz’e Domu Enterteinment

h. 23 Embankment
Ratapignata – Fiesta final


“Stories of travel and flight”
Uliano Lucas / S’Umbra
Cafe Savoy, Via Savoia 14

“One Way”
Fabio Frau
Space P, via Napoli 62

“Social Culture Ca-Fe” (Preview)
by Roberto Murgia, Hipstamatic Sardinia and Study Centre Dante Bighi
Durke space, via Napoli 74


School Project
8 shows offered between schools, prisons and hospitals citizens in the days before and after the Festival, related to the concept “Singers of the city,” in memory of Sergio Atzeni, Luigi Pintor, Giuseppe Aquilino Podda and Cannas.

3 workshops for middle and high school students linked to the theme of urbanity.

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