INTERNOTaco Loco is an ethnic restaurant of Mexican and South American dishes where you can enjoy hot and not !


Additionally , you can choose to eat in your own home thanks to the take away service . From Monday to Friday special offer MENU ‘ LUNCH 10 € , also to take away. With its corner bar Taco Loco offers a wide selection of chupitos , cocktails and lots of sangria for after dinner , the pre- event or just for a chat between friends.

Strengths: kitchen open after midnight. Possibility to choose between food and non-spicy vegerariani . Bar bottle shop with quality . You do not pay nor covered service .

Open Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 15:00 , Monday to Saturday from 20:00 onwards . CLOSED SUNDAY

book now at 393/339 3390 OR 392/3870770

A selection of tasty fried to tease :

plaza de toros (aros de cebolla, alas de pollo, palitos de queso, nachos and salsa, recommended for a person)

aros de Cebolla (onion rings in batter and fried)

nachos (triangles of fried corn)

palitos de queso (cheese sticks breaded and fried)

alas de pollo (spicy chicken wings)

jalapeno relleno (jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese breaded and fried)

champinones (spicy breaded and fried mushrooms)

papas (french fries)









Typical dishes wrapped in tortillas, freshly prepared with fresh produce :

Salvador – Pedregal – Merida (beef burritos, chicken, beef and spicy chicken cooked with onions, grilled peppers, green salad and wrapped in whole wheat tortilla)

Manaus (Burrito onions, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and green salad wrapped in whole wheat tortilla)

Esquel Crujiente (fried burritos stuffed with spiced beef, served with green salad and BBQ sauce)

Cuenca – Cuenca Green (Quesadillas with cheese, spicy red beans and bacon or spinach whole wheat tortilla)

Taco Loco (tacos filled with spicy beef, cheese, salad and sauce pimienta in crispy tortillas)


Chili con Carne , Empanadas , Tacos and special dishes from South America:

Cancun (chili con carne: small cubes of spiced beef, cooked with peppers, onions, red beans and served with nachos and tortillas)

Puerto Viejo (soft tacos stuffed with tuna, carrots, peas, potatoes, green salad, tomatoes and salsa blanca in wheat tortillas)

Veracruz (strips of chicken breast cooked with spicy shrimp and pineapple, served with mixed salad)

Saltillo (strips of beef cooked with spicy roasted potatoes and tomatoes, served with mixed salad)


Picante sauce , salsa de queso (cheese cheddar ) , Salsa de pimienta ( peppers )
De avocado sauce , BBQ sauce , salsa blanca
Jalapenos ( sliced ​​hot peppers )


Cheesecake, panna cotta, fruit tart

and drink …. so much Sangria and Wine South Americans with a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Chardonnay.


Valido da lunedi a venerdi, dalle 13 alle 15, anche da asporto.

Prevede un antipasto singolo a scelta (tutti escluso plaza de toros) piu un secondo a scelta e bibita a scelta (acqua, vino, sangria e bibite varie) a 10 o 12 euro relativamente al secondo scelto.

Lo stesso menu si può fare anche a CENA, dal lunedi al giovedi, senza asporto, con inclusa l’acqua minerale al costo di 10-12 €


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