School of Parachuting in Sardinia organize courses Skydiving AFF in free fall and launches in tandem with an instructor from 4000


Description Tandem

The launch in tandem is a great introduction to skydiving as a sport and is a perfect gift for everyone!

Ideal for Graduations, bachelor parties, birthdays and parties!

The Tandem is in fact the best alternative for those who want to experience the feeling of Freefall without any thought.

There is no minimum age for a launch in Tandem in Italy, but if you are under 18 years need parental consent.

There are also no age limits: it is never too late for skydiving!

Want to get high?

You will have 4,000 meters of pure adrenaline guaranteed launching yourself from our fast airplane turbine.

Accompanied by a qualified and experienced instructor with thousands of jumps behind so you can enjoy one of the most memorable moments of your life! You can enjoy the colors from our sea and our countryside … After a short lesson on the output from the airplane and control in free fall and landing decollerai for a flight that will take you only 15 minutes to reach 4,000 meters . Firmly attached to your instructor, you’ll launch and you will live a minute of exhilarating freefall at over 200 km / h trying the true feeling of skydiving in unforgettable, unbeatable and “extraordinary” minute of your life!

After that the instructor will open the parachute at about 1,500 meters emotions continue!

In fact, you can enjoy a few minutes of gliding, gustandoti a beautiful landscape and flying the parachute along with your instructor, until landing. The landing zone is in fact in the same area off where your friends and family are waiting for you.

A parachutist video operator will follow your launch tandem to recover and / or photograph you at all stages of the launch. At the end of the launch will be mounted on a movie DVD that will be immediately delivered as a souvenir to show to friends and family in disbelief!
Cost of tandem: 200 € (including video).


Your first launch in tandem is about to begin!

BOOK NOW to the number. 3281011233

Description AFF course

The course Parachuting A.F.F. is absolutely the best and safest way to be introduced to the world of Free Fall. In this course you will learn not only to control and fly your parachute, but also to control your body during the 60 seconds of free fall.

Your preparation will be personalized and will take place in a lecture held by your instructors and a practical part where you going to train on exercises for the achievement of each roll. After preparing the ground will be ready for the first pitch wearing your parachute equipment. The course includes 7 launches during which you will be accompanied by two instructors in the first 4 levels and 1 instructor in the last 3. The instructors will provide you assistance and instruction during the free fall until you open your parachute at 1500 meters.

Each launch video will be taken to allow instructors to provide the most accurate assessment of the exercises, but also to give you a remembrance of those unforgettable moments.

During the descent with open parachute, and you will enjoy a beautiful flight, if necessary, the ‘instructor will assist you by radio from the ground, facilitandoti procedures for a safe landing.

After passing the 7 levels will be able to perform the exercises and maneuvers in freefall for a correct approach to the landing area in total autonomy and you will be able to jump alone.

The course duration is approximately 2 weekends (or 4/5 days during periods of continuous activity of our Skydiving Center).

The course A.F.F. is internationally recognized and, once passed, will enable you to jump to any part of the world as the professionalism and experience of our instructors are certified by the highest standards of quality USPA (United States Parachute Association) recognized at the international level.

Cost of the course AFF: 1350 € (excluding insurance and medical examination).

What you need

Here are the essential requirements for a course AFF:
– At least 16 years of age (with parental consent), or be of age;
– A medical examination issued by military hospitals or by medical doctors Italian sports federation for activities PARACHUTE;
– A basic insurance required by law (rct) liability against third parties, which does not cover damage caused to themselves;
– Three passport size photographs.

Drop Zone

Our Drop Zone, is located in a beautiful farm near Serdiana, 23 Km from Cagliari; nell’Aviosuperficie Del Parteolla Loc Is Paulis common Serdiana.

Coordinates: 39 ° 24 ’04 “N – 09 ° 08′ 24″ E
Runway length: 700 mt. (Lawn).


Below, here are some galleries that depict the details of our dropzone.

More details

In addition to all this, Skydive Sardegna offers:

- WIFI on the whole ‘area;
– Ample parking;
– Dining room with a microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine, grill;
– Beds.

Of course you can come and visit us at any time to see how it spends the day in the hangar, as the activity takes place, to know all our friends and discover that skydiving is beautiful, exciting and above all SAFE!
And if you can stay with us until the evening, you’ll find Skydive Sardinia is not only skydiving but also parties, barbecues with friends and lots of fun, even when you do not jump!

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