HALLOWEEN LIVE ALE’N’BIX – ABBASANTA – WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31 Reviewed by admin on . Ale'n'Bix c / o Abbasanta Alberto Sanna & FRY Moneti (ModenaCityRamblers) ... Alberto Sanna: vocals, guitars, harmonicas, bass drum, snare, hi-hat Francesco Ale'n'Bix c / o Abbasanta Alberto Sanna & FRY Moneti (ModenaCityRamblers) ... Alberto Sanna: vocals, guitars, harmonicas, bass drum, snare, hi-hat Francesco Rating:


Ale’n’Bix c / o Abbasanta

Alberto Sanna & FRY Moneti (ModenaCityRamblers) …

Alberto Sanna: vocals, guitars, harmonicas, bass drum, snare, hi-hat
Francesco Moneti: violin, electric mandolin, guitar, vocals

Two musicians on stage, but many tools in action, a duo that has its own reason for being “on the road” on the scale of the tour and in ‘live estemporeneit√† exhibition, which lays bare the musical vein of These two multi-instrumentalists, able to combine passion with the expressive potential of the rock song with the popular sounds of acoustic instruments.
A recital intense and deep visceral energy out of the ordinary for a set unplugged duo.

A meeting of strings, skins and cores to between Albert and Francis, the common desire to get involved, to experience music as an opportunity for exchange of knowledge and growth. An adventure game in the summer of 2010 on a stage in front of the sea. Immediately a natural harmony, immediately, a feeling at first note. Look into my eyes and said: “We take a couple of pieces together?” / “Agree, E major, Bo Diddley rhythm?” / “Ok, go!”
At that first meeting was followed by many others, at every opportunity, until they decided to put on a real show as a duo, immediately tested in the first six tour dates in Sardinia in January of 2011, and cemented in the second (12 dates between December 2011 and January 2012).
At that point, the decision to produce a CD, which is set up a quartet with percussion by Sixto Marquez Tamayo (musician and dancer in Havana) and the bass by Maurizio Congiu, musician both jazz and classical extraction. The recording work will be presented on September 9 with a concert within the European Jazz Expo Cagliari.

Sardinian rock icon, songwriter and versatile musician, from the beginning of the ’80s with the historical groups that have charted a course in the history of rock Sardinia, Alberto Sanna has never stopped writing songs and get around to playing them, making music prince point of his life, becoming a significant voice on the island today. Always been consistent in his way of being, has never stopped or gave up before the established patterns of musical iconography island. Reaching out toward a constantly evolving art and the human is an artist who carries it everywhere its charge musical and human, made of authentic emotions that transmits live to his audience in his concertil. Cagliari DOC Alberto grew up playing white rock, and blues, that of her skin, naked as his soul, black and transparent like his personality. A sincere artist who has devoted and dedicated his life to his passion, the music, but mostly rock, or Sardinian Anglo-Saxon nor, to the rock of Alberto Sanna.
Since he began as a bassist with Masoko Tanga in 1985, until the High Voltage / TNT, Sanna Rock ‘n’ roll Breakers, Animanera and many other groups, the irreducible rock and roll marked an important route in the history of music Sardinia in reviewing key staff very genres most dear to him in all its forms spontaneous and more genuine.
His career is marked by an endless and exciting journey back in the golden age of blues, hard rock, swing, to the jive, swing and rock’n’roll primal … an instinctive path into the origins of music “black” who loves deeply.
At eleven he started playing the harmonica inspired by Neil Young, Jackson, Bob Dylan. Two years later he bought his first drum kit and a six-string acoustic Eko. It was the early 70s and the music begins to take place in his life. Since then listen tirelessly great artists British and American as Elvis, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Ramones, Lou Reed, Bob Marley, or Italian singers like De Andrè, Guccini, Jackson, De Gregori, musicians that with a guitar and a harmonica talking about real things the kids like him. Then many others: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Grand Funk, Jethro Tull, Banco Del Mutual Aid, the progressive rock Osanna and then Patti Smith, The Clash Joe Strummer, up to 90 with Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana. An incredible musical background that has marked his soul, blues proved relentlessly.

Extremely versatile multi-instrumentalist has the musicality and very physical approach its more obvious artistic talents.
Moneti Francis was born in Arezzo, in the heart of Etruria and is introduced into the world of the 7 notes from his father, guitarist beat still active with his cover band years 60/70.Durante adolescence plays the violin and guitar various groups Arezzo and it plays THE inaudible along with Pau and Caesar Petricich, which later form the rock band NEGRITA.
In the early 90 Fry as the HOUSE OF THE WIND, important and seminal folk rock Italian band with whom he continues to collaborate, both live and in the studio.
Towards the end del’95 leaves the Casa Del Vento to enter the Modena City Ramblers band that still belongs.
During the ‘year 2000 he was asked to participate as a violinist and set the blockbuster film “Gangs of New York”, directed by Martin Scorsese and the cast that includes actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Liam Neeson and Leonardo Di Caprio.
In parallel to the activity ‘live (good parter in the world) and in the studio with MCR, Fry collaborates with various artists pop and folk, including Bandabardo’, LOU DALFIN, CRISTINA DONA ‘, OMAR PEDRINI, PAUL BENVEGNU’, TOSCA, A ’67, BALKAN CITY, Franz Di Cioccio and Sardinian ALMAMEDITERRANEA and ALBERTO SANNA.
For several years now, Fry was chosen as the endorser and demonstrator of prestigious brands of guitar strings, amps and even the violin Crema Carioni dedicated a signature model electric violin.
He recorded sessions in many studies of Italy participating as a guest in projects with other artists such as 99 POSSE, TERESA DE SIO, EDWARD BENNATO, RAIZ etc and in 2010 he recorded the violin parts in the famous THE BARK studios in London.

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